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A guaranteed disaster. Like eating a burrito before sex.

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Dr. Thirsty
15 December
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I love music and my wife......especially my wife stumpy494.

Disclaimer: I'm as boring as hell and my brain is a bit off-kilter. But other than that, I rock!!!!

....OK, maybe I just sway.

Check out my stuff at DeviantART. Well......if you want, that is. I'm not trying to be pushy.
2001: a space odyssey, a-ha, adam sandler, alfred hitchcock, animal (the drummer), animals, arcade fire, at the drive-in, badly drawn boy, beavis and butthead, ben folds, ben folds five, better off dead, big sugar, blur, brainiac, bugs bunny, cake, cake (the food), cats, chips, clash, coldplay, cross-country skiing, crowded house, days of our lives, dead zone, dean koontz, dips, drawing, drug free, drumming, ed, electric boogaloo, elvis costello, evil dead, family guy, finn brothers, flaming lips, genesis, george romero, golden smog, grandaddy, grant lee buffalo, graveyard shift, grosse point blank, hall & oates, harvey danger, hawksley workman, hefner, hockey, hoodoo gurus, hot pursuit, ice cream, jeff buckley, jeopardy, jim carrey, jimmy eat world, john cusack, just say no, kevin smith, led zeppelin, looney tunes, manic street preachers, marcy playground, mercury rev, merry melodies, mgb, millencolin, modest mouse, monty python, neil finn, new pornographers, nirvana, one crazy summer, peter gabriel, phantom planet, phil judd, photography, pink floyd, pulp, pulp fiction, pussy(cats), radiohead, ramones, ray bradbury, redundancy, ren and stimpy, replacements, reservoir dogs, rheostatics, rhinos, robbie robertson, rufus wainwright, rushmore, sam raimi, sarah harmer, scrabble, simple minds, simpsons, slapshot, sloan, smallville, south park, split enz, squeeze, star trek, star wars, stephen king, stephen malkmus, stereophonics, street cents, stumpy494, sum 41, tenacious d, the clash, the kinks, the pixies, the police, the proclaimers, the rentals, the shining, the snow patrol, the vines, three to tango, tim finn, tragically hip, travis, tripping daisy, tristan psionic, tv, uncle buck, v, violent femmes, weakerthans, wedge, ween, weezer, weird science, wes craven, white stripes, whole nine yards, wilco, winnipeg jets, xtc, yes, yo-yos, zutons, zz top

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