Dr. Thirsty (drthirsty) wrote,
Dr. Thirsty

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

I went to the show this past Monday, and I'm sad to say that I was actually disappointed. I understand that a band is going to concentrate on their songs from the most recent album, but they didn't play ONE of my ultimate favourites. No Jo Jo's Jacket. No The Hook. No Jenny & the Ess-Dog. No Dark Wave. No Mama. No Vanessa From Queens. I admit that I like the first two albums better than the last two, but throw me a bone, Stevie. The closest I came to one of my faves was Pencil Rot and Dragonfly Pie. The performance was rather good, but to sit in anticipation of one of my faves through the whole show and be left feeling let down kinda sucked.

But all was not lost. Blitzen Trapper opened the show and they were great. It was one of those rare instances that I actually wished that the opening act was the closing act. Blitzen Trapper played most of the songs from their latest album Furr, which I had only listened to twice before the show, but those tunes are excellent. They were tight.

Oh well. No more gigs on the immediate horizon.
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