Dr. Thirsty (drthirsty) wrote,
Dr. Thirsty

My Favourite Albums of 2008

In no particular order:

The Waking Eyes---Holding On To Whatever It Is
Old 97s---Blame It On Gravity
We Are Scientists---Brain Thrust Mastery
Ben Folds---Way To Normal
Blitzen Trapper---Furr
Flight of the Conchords---Flight of the Conchords
Viva La Vida---Coldplay
Jason Collett---Here's To Being Here
Los Campesinos!---Hold On Now Youngster...
Phantom Planet---Raise The Dead
The Presidents of the United States of America---These Are Good Times People
MGMT---Oracular Spectacular
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks---Real Emotional Trash

Edit: forgot one:

Novillero---A Little Tradition

(I just did this list in a haphazardly half-assed way....looking through my Amazon purchases, where I primarily buy my music.....so I forgot Novillero, which I purchased through Maple Music.)
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